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We understand that today’s world is hectic and that being flexible for both our clients and our team members plays an important role in overcoming challenges in the marketplace. This is why we offer convenient and simple processes for our clients, state of the art yet user-friendly business systems and flexible positions for our team members.


We are here to serve your practice to whatever capacity you decide, bottom line. Our attitude is: think about customers as individuals and treat them that way, don’t just treat them like another dollar sign. We spend ourselves to ensure your practice is running smoothly, accurately and with less payout and stress for you (and your staff). Even if what you are needing “doesn’t fit our job title”, we will go above and beyond to help you get the answers and solutions you need.


We are a solutions oriented team and have a zero tolerance policy for “I can’t” and “I give up” attitudes. Every day presents a new challenge (we like to call them “opportunities”), but working as a team committed to pursuing common goals, we can thwart these challenges and work toward real, win-win solutions.


This is the basis of all we do. Honesty, integrity and incorruptibility. Daily we are trusted with highly sensitive claimant records-which we guard as if they were our own-using encrypted data transfer systems. We hold our standards high and this is evident throughout every transaction made with us.


We are a team committed to client needs. We are here every step of the way, taking ownership over every aspect of your order and feeling the success of each achievement right along with you!


We treat all people equally. Regardless if it is a legal assistant or the managing partner who is contacting us, we will treat each and every representative of your practice with respect and courtesy. The same goes for our team members; as we know from experience that well treated employees treat clients better and are more productive. At SSD Assistants, we understand that our clients are who keep us going.