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Frequently Asked Questions

Why utilize your services?

Our clients have many reasons (take a look at our testimonials), but here are a few common ones:

  • Bottom line? To save time and money. On average, we save 50% of staff and attorney time
  • To free up current staff to handle cases more personally and efficiently
  • You have no time (or management) to train new staff
  • You need to focus on attending hearings, growing professionally or simply to enjoy more personal time
  • Your office recently had a turnover issue and you need solutions, FAST!
  • To simplify and streamline current office procedures
  • Just starting your own practice OR looking for a new case management team? No need to spend hours posting job ads, interviewing, training, evaluating…just let us handle the work for you! We are experienced, enthusiastic, competent and LOVE helping the disabled claimants obtain the benefits they deserve!

What size practice do you best serve?

ANY practice can benefit from using one (or more) of our services!

Solo practice/Representative – Out on your own OR out growing your solo practice but dont want to take on partners or in house staff? Or you simply just dont have time to dig through 1000’s of pages of medical records…Call us!

Small/medium – The in house staff you have is great, but the practice is busy and their attention needs to be focused elsewhere (such as giving more thorough attention to developing cases) OR your current staff simply cannot handle the task and complexity of writing and editing pre-hearing briefs, on the record requests, appeals council briefs or federal briefs.

Large – You need more efficiency and less overhead costs to keep up with demands, all while continuing to expand practice and keep your brand as a quality representative.

Nationwide – Your organization is looking for new ways to cut back on costs and increase the amount of claimants you are able to take on.

What experience do you and your staff have/ why should I trust you?

We have over 45 years combined legal writing and experience. We have all earned collegiate degrees and worked for various legal representatives of all sizes, so we are experienced to handle whatever your current office situation requires.

How much does this cost?

SSD Pre-hearing memos and OTRs start at $200.00

Appeals council briefs are $400.00.

Legal-medical record summaries start at just $99.00 per case!

Please contact us for a no hassle quote on your desired project via e-mail, phone OR even text message!

What is the turn-around time?

8-10 business days is the average turn around time; however, it varies depending on the size of your order and how soon you send us the file.

Where are you located?

Our home base is located in St. Petersburg, Fl.

How do I get started/what is the process?

We try to keep it quick and simple for you and your staff; here are our 5 simple steps.
Step 1. Decide you want to use us.
Step 2. Send us your claimants ERE file in PDF format, via THIS website.  Visit the “contact us and send files” page at
Step 3. Simply click the link and upload your claimants file (its as easy as attaching a picture to an email). Once your file is received, we will send you an invoice via email.
Step 4. Submit payment. (Checks and credit cards are accepted)
Step 5. Receive your document, via email, in Microsoft Word format.

What if I want briefs written following my own format?

We have one standard format that we follow for all briefs. This ensures you both a persuasive and timely brief. All briefs and OTRs include background information, theory of disability section, all applicable listings, GRIDS and SSRs and pertinent medical information. Please see the sample page for more information.

I have an office need, but don’t see it listed as a service you offer…

Give us a call or email us to discuss how we can meet your need, save you money and simplify your practice.

I like what you are offering, but I don’t want to release any of my current staff…

Great! We are here to support you and your business of helping those who need it most, to whatever capacity you may decide. We can assist current staff so they are able to handle more cases and provide more individualized attention to your current caseload. Should staffing issues arise, we are here to stand in and ensure the office continues to run smoothly-all with no extra effort (or hours) from you or your management team. We are even here to help brainstorm and offer suggestions of where else in the practice they may be of best use.

Is it safe? How do I get my claimant files to you?

Handling confidential claimant information is of utmost importance to us-this is why it is electronically sent using via an 128 bit encrypted transmission service and only shared with SSD Assistants writers and contractors. All of our personnel is HIPAA trained, workstations are secure and we will NEVER share your clients information with an outside source or third party. Please contact us to review a copy of our internal HIPAA policy that meets current industry standards.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Checks or major credit cards are accepted.

What is the payment policy?

Once your order is placed, an invoice will be sent to you via email. You can then pay via credit card OR via mail service. **Work will begin on your order once payment is received OR a tracking number has been sent to us and validated**