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SSD Medical Record Summary Sample

Legal Medical Record Summary Sample

Medical Record Summaries for Personal Injury, Social Security Disability, Worker’s Comp and Medical Malpractice.

We provide concise and accurate medical record summaries for the social security representative, as well as for workers comp, personal injury and medical malpractice arenas, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Allow us to handle the hassle of digging through medical records, deciphering doctors’ handwriting and piecing together scattered information.  All of our summarizers have backgrounds in either medical transcription or medical office assisting and provide a clear picture of all medical evidence in your claimants file.

Comprehensive client background section
Several formats offered: Chronological order, by exhibit OR by medical provider
Medications, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatments and Side effects
Contradictory or potentially harmful information highlighted for the practitioner