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SSD Pre Hearing Memo Sample

As a Social Security Disability Representative, you know how important a quality written pre-hearing memo is to a case.  You need a memo drafted with a strong argument citing supportive medical evidence, that is both thorough and concise.

Our writers all have years of experience drafting cases that support the claimants inability to work and can save a busy representative like you 50% of office time AND money!

Allow us to be your assistants!

We digest the claimants full ODAR file and prepare a quality pre-hearing brief for you to submit to the ALJ.


– Comprehensive claimant background (DOB, DLI, ER summary, date of filing, AOD, etc.)

– List of alleging ailments

– Symptoms, treatments, side effects and medications summary

– Work history summary

– Theory of disability

– Listings and GRIDs researched